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October 6th - Track days + SUPERMONO DAY in Modena

The 1st edition of the "Supermono Day" will be held on Sunday October 6th at Autodromo di Modena
A Track day that not only will feature sessions dedicated to the SUPERMONO, but it's also going to be a celebration for the enthusiast of this formula and more in general,   of its motorbike's mechanic.
The Supermonos are indeed handcrafted bikes created by passionate mechanics who often manage to express valuable technical contents. At the event there will be an exposition of the best both national and international creations, whom owners can decide whether partecipate at the track day or simply exhibit their own bike.
For this category, beside time keeping service, the enrollment will include a pit box and a dedicated area in the paddock where passionates can admire these means of great technical value and interest. 
Each participant will be gifted of a welcome kit (t-shirt + bandanna). The event will be then recaped on a video that will be gifted to each rider. 
Each partecipant will be provided with a form to vote  :
a) the best looking Supermono
b) the best Supermono technical project 
Three bikes for each category will be awarded.
Tyre service and technical partner of Trofei WHEELUP MOTOESTATE will attend the event.
The remaining track sessions will be dedicated to free practices for every other bike, with group division (amateur and experts). A live timing and printed copies of each session laptimes will be available.
Every rider will authomatically partecipate in the formula "Endurance MES Experience". This formula (that will be held during the last 2 afternoon sessions of each category) consists in adding up the total times that the rider takes to do 8 laps for the two Endurance sessions (for a total of 16 laps).
The total time of 8 laps of the 1st Endurance-session will be added up to the total time of the 2nd Endurance session and a final ranking will be created summing up both these Endurance sessions for each rider.
To book your place on track: 
For every other info: 


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